How To Look Good In A Selfie

Click through for L.A. hairstylist Jen Atkin's 10 rules for mastering the selfie.

Rachel Scroggins

Clear your background.

"If there’s too much behind you, the picture looks cluttered."

via Instagram/@mirandakerr

Hold the camera horizontally, and tilt it downward 45 degrees.

"That trick makes your body look so much better!"

via Instagram/@mileycyrus

Find your good side.

"Most people look better with their face turned slightly to the side."

via Instagram/@evachen

Position so light shines toward you.

"You want natural light coming at you, not behind you—look for an extra boost from a window."

via Instagram/@alessandraambrosio

Hold your arms away from your body.

"I learned this from my photographer fiancé: You always want your arms down and away from your body—they’ll look much slimmer."

via Instagram/@chungalexa

Use multiple apps.

“I take a picture and put it through an app called Line Camera, which has a million different filters and acts like Photoshop so you can play with brightness, color, get rid of dark circles, etc.

Then I put the picture through another—Squaready—which makes pictures smaller to fit Instagram better.

Finally, I open it in Instagram. My favorite filters there: Valencia and Hefe.

Or: iSnapx ($29, givesimple​.com), a wireless device and app that lets you take pictures hands-free with a shutter control remote and camera stand."

via Instagram/@beyonce

But the bigger your hair, the better.

“If you have fine hair, flip it upside down to make it instantly fuller.”

via Instagram/@rosiehw

Take more shots than you think you need.

“I take at least 10 photos, especially if it’s a group selfie. The more photos you take, the more likely you are to get the perfect shot.”

via Instagram/@xaradelevingne

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L.A. hairstylist Jen Atkin has a huge fan base in Hollywood (Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara, Christina Hendricks, etc.) and on Instagram (her @jenatkinhair handle has 140K+ followers). Here, her best tips for taking a super-hot selfie.

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