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Clear skin ahead! Click through for skin expert Kate Somerville's best acne-fighting tips.
Find the Right Treatment: Salicylic Acid Vs. Benzoyl Peroxide

"Benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria that cause acne, helps remove excess oils from the skin and removes dead skin cells that clog pores.

Salicylic acid slows shedding of cells inside the hair follicles, which prevents the pores from clogging. It softens keratin, a protein that forms part of the skin structure—this helps loosen dry and scaly skin, making it easier to remove. It's great for people with oily skin types."

Find the Right Treatment: Natural and Gentle Remedies
"One of my favorite ingredients for sensitive, acne-prone skin is Phytic Acid. It’s more gentle than other AHAs and helps to exfoliate skin, reduce the appearance of scars and help prevents future breakouts.
Tea tree oil is great too. It helps minimize oil production and fight acne-causing bacteria.

Witch hazel is a mild, natural toner and antioxidant and can be used to help reduce inflammation and to soothe irritation after cleansing.

Also, clay or mineral masks are great for balancing the complexion."
Never Apply Multiple Acne Treatments at Once
"It can be too harsh and drying. Switch off by day of the week or use one in the morning and one in the evening."
Form Pimple-Preventing Habits
"From an internal health perspective, make sure you are drinking a lot of water. A lot of my celebrity clients add chlorophyll drops to water when they're experiencing breakouts.
From an external perspective keep skin really clean, wipe your phone down, change your pillowcase often and clean makeup brushes weekly."
Pop Pimples the Right Way
"If you have a big blemish that pops up and is ready to extract, cleanse skin thoroughly and apply a warm compress to steam skin. Then, use a lancet to provide a canal for the blemish, wrap index fingers in tissues (or use cotton swabs) and gently release the infection. Afterwards, apply cortisone and Neosporin to speed healing and take care of inflammation. You can also apply ice to an inflamed blemish to reduce inflammation and swelling."
Exfoliate Regularly
"Exfoliation (at least twice a week) is important for increasing cell turnover and keeping skin clear. But make sure that the exfoliator you’re using is not too harsh, and that the scrubbing beads are round. Scrubbing too vigorously can break open pimples, which can cause scarring."
Keep Skin Hydrated
"It’s so important not to strip skin, because it will overcompensate and produce excess oil. Look for products with sodium hyaluronate/hyaluronic acid to prevent dehydration and balance skin."
Always Use Oil- and Fragrance-Free Products
"Avoid skincare and makeup that contain oils, pore-clogging or occlusive ingredients and heavy formulas."