Living Proof's Two-Step Solution to a Perfect Hair Day

Digital Beauty Editor

A month ago I used to think that a good hair day could only be achieved with the perfect cocktail of styling products (or the rare occasion the universe gives New York some hair-friendly weather). That was until I tried Living Proof's newest shampoo and conditioner, Perfect Hair Day.

I'm the first to admit that "perfect hair in a bottle" almost sounds too good to be true. But in my life-long attempt to have shiny, healthy hair not unlike their brand ambassador Jennifer Aniston, I happily lathered up for the cause. What I like about Living Proof is that they're totally honest about their delivery: It's not an overnight magical elixir that'll change your hair from lackluster to lush whiel your sleep. You can, however, see the transformation happen over time. After using the shampoo and conditioner for four weeks, I found myself no longer needing to pile on the post-shower hair products to make it look presentable. With its unique combo of two patented molecules, the shampoo and conditioner starts working its smoothing, hydrating, volumizing (a.k.a. goddess-like hair) powers way before you even touch a blowdryer. It not only saves you time from prepping your hair with a bunch of products before you style it, but your hair feels cleaner for longer without all the buildup.

Though I'm not tossing my hot tools just yet, this shampoo and conditioner does make hair (and life!) a whole lot easier to deal with—and that's all we could ask for in a beauty product, really.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner, $24 each,

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