LOFT's First-Ever Nail Polish Collection Is Here!

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LOFT's brand-new, first-ever polish collection features everything from flattering neutrals to pastels that you give that first-day-of-spring feeling. Click through to check out the colors.


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A girl really can't have enough nail polish. In my opinion, it's the greatest, most convenient accessory. Unlike, say, a shoe, you can wear the same nail color for two weeks straight and it's totally acceptable. If I had the time, though, I would change my nail color every single day because there are just so many yummy colors to choose from—especially when it comes to LOFT's brand-new line of polishes, which just launched in stores! For the first time ever, the company's rolled out 15 shades, ranging from bold reds to universally-flattering nudes.

We got LOFT's Vice President of Accessories, Joanna Buchanan, to spill (pun intended) on what makes her brand's new nail polishes so great, as well as the inspiration behind adding them to their inventory. "We know that everyone is having a lot of fun with nails these days and here at LOFT, we are obsessed with polish. We know how fun it can be to try new colors and combinations and so we wanted to create fresh and creative nail polish options. Personally, I love to wear one bright and one neutral when I do a manicure and pedicure, so it was a big priority for us to offer complementary colors! We looked at the gorgeous range of colors from our sun-washed T-shirts and were inspired to match the colors with that collection. The colors also feel very fresh and on trend for spring. Plus, they're UV-resistant so they won’t fade or change color in the sunlight. The polish dries quickly, the application is super-smooth and it’s long-lasting," says Buchanan.

For happy fingers and toes, click through for a sneak peek at some of the colors—and check out to find one of the 110 stores where you can shop them!

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