New Redhead Molly Sims Shares Her Best Hair Tips

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With all of the dramatic haircuts currently going down in Hollywood, we kind of forgot how transformative a simple color change can be until we spotted Molly Sims' brand-new look. The model just went from blonde to red, and although she kept her length and has stayed true to her signature bombshell waves, the makeover is a bold one nonetheless. Earlier today, we sat down with Sims, who is the brand ambassador for Nexxus, and Aura Friedman, Nexxus Celebrity Color Expert, to get the scoop on the new color. Plus, Molly and Aura share their best red hair care tips.

Lucky: Explain the inspiration behind the new change.

Molly Sims: I wanted something different. I wanted something bold and energetic. I was just ready for a change—I've had black hair, brunette and blonde. I wanted to look different in clothes and with makeup.

There are so many variations of red out there. Why did you choose this shade?

MS: I definitely didn't want a head-to-toe dark, condensed red. I wanted to have highlights and dimension, depth and texture, so Aura kept my highlights underneath it.

Aura Friedman: Going from blonde to red is a pretty big step and can be a little traumatic for some.

MS: I got nervous!

AF: Understandably so! So keeping it a light copper red was a better option for Molly. That's something as a colorist you have to think about: How's this person going to react? Are they going to freak out and want to go back to blonde right away?

MS: Aura's really good with skin tone, which is really important when you're doing color. You can be a vibrant red, coppery red, ashy red and it depends on the colorist to see what works with your skin color. I'm personally really yellow so I can go a little more coppery without it looking too pink.

Were you inspired by any iconic redheads?

MS: Amy Adams was our number one. Julianne Moore, too.

What are you going to have to change about your hair care routine now?

MS: The great thing about the new Nexxus Color Assure line is the primer. It's great to have Aura with me this week, but when I go home and have to maintain it on my own week after week, the primer is a great product. It's kind of like a makeup primer, but for your hair. You put two squirts onto dry hair and it locks in the color to make it lasts twice as long.

AF: You can put on the primer before you jump into the shower and it locks the vibrancy of the color in while repelling water. Water can be one of the biggest fill-ins.

Would you say you can use a primer and not necessarily a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner?

AF: Yes, but the shampoo is sulfate-free, which is the most important.

MS: A lot of people don't realize that about sulfates. I don't think you necessarily need a color-specific shampoo but it will definitely help and protect your hair.

AF: If you want the maximum vibrancy, though, you probably want to follow up the primer with the Color Assure shampoo and conditioner and then they have this tonic, which gives hair a ton of shine. The great thing about all these products is that they have coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil and white orchid extract that's unique to this product.

How else do you keep your hair so shiny and healthy?

MS: I do a DIY coconut mask for my hair because it gets really dehydrated. I just use coconut oil that you cook with from the grocery store. I put it on my hair and tie it in a plastic bag for 15 minutes.

Your go-to hairstyle seems to be those gorgeous, beachy waves. Are you planning on also being more adventurous with different hairstyles now that you're a redhead?

MS: This morning I was modeling a ponytail! I was wondering if it would look good. That's what's fun about it: wearing different hairstyles and experimenting with different makeup looks.

In what ways have you had to adjust your makeup with your new hair?

MS: We had to warm it up. I can't wait to try the look with my Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in 97 Incandescente. It's an orangey-red color that's amazing. It's great for pale and olive skin tones.


Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo, $9.99,; Conditioner, $13.99,; Tonic, $17.99,; Primer, $17.99,

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