Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson On The Winter Skincare Product She Can't Live Without

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Jamie Anderson became the first Olympic champion of this year's brand-new slopestyle event—and unsurprisingly, the gorgeous snowboarder's hair, makeup and skincare routine is practically gold medal-worthy too, thanks to her five sisters. "I learned about my beauty routine from them. Growing up with five sisters, we were always having fun, doing each other's hair and playing with makeup. It was pretty natural how it all happened," she says. "My first beauty memory was in first grade when I asked my older sister [Cory] to do a braided bun for my first day of school. I was just so excited because I never got my hair done and she did it so well. Even now I kind of just like to let my hair be natural: Braid it and let it stay healthy."

When it comes to her skincare, her main staple is Olay Fresh Effects Hydrating Gel. It's a super-lightweight blend of honeysuckle and white tea, which helps calm and moisturize skin—perfect for cold-weather months. "It really hydrates my skin and keeps it moist and healthy up in the mountains and all these crazy [weather] conditions. I definitely always start my day with the Hydrating Gel before I put on my makeup on, which is usually just a little bit of shimmer on the eyes to make them pop."

The best part? Her must-have skincare product will set you back less than $15. Plus, you can find it at any drugstore, which only proves that both her snowboarding and skincare game is totally on point.

Olay Fresh Effects Dew Over Hydrating Gel Moisturizer, $12.99, Target.com

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