Winter-Proof Your Beauty Routine Like Olympic Snowboarder Hannah Teter

“After a competition, I love to just sit in a steam room. It’s so good for the face, body and mind! And baths are also essential. I have oils—eucalyptus, lavender, rose—that I use depending on what I need that night. I mix them into the bath with some Epsom salts, which are really good for sore and achy muscles. I also get deep tissue massages at least once week.”

AIRE Ancient Baths

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Hannah Teter snowboards, she runs two different charities (a maple syrup company called Hannah's Gold, which benefits an impoverished village in Kenya, plus she supports Boarding for Breast Cancer) and has a very appealing beauty routine to boot. Click through for the two-time Olympic medalist's winter beauty must-haves.

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