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Olympian Hannah Teter has a lot of tricks up her sleeve when it comes to both her snowboarding game and her beauty routine. Click through for a few of her favorite picks.
“After a competition, I love to just sit in a steam room. It’s so good for the face, body and mind! And baths are also essential. I have oils—eucalyptus, lavender, rose—that I use depending on what I need that night. I mix them into the bath with some Epsom salts, which are really good for sore and achy muscles. I also get deep tissue massages at least once week.”
“Shiseido makes these little Pure Retinol Eye Masks that I love because I can put them on for 10 minutes anywhere—on a plane, before bed. And I can hide them under my goggles, too! They make my eyes look refreshed no matter how exhausted I am.”
 “Almost every day I spritz colloidal silver spray in my mouth. Knock on wood, I never get sick, despite how much I travel!”
“It’s easy for my skin to get red and dried out, so I use Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream SPF 50+. It’s waterproof, keeps me from burning and really hydrates."
"Since my hands get rough, I apply a ton of Desert Essence hand cream before I put on my gloves. It smells so good.”