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Punxsutawney Phil and Polar Vortexes have nothing on these pretty, floral scents that make you think spring all year long. Click through to find your next signature fragrance.
This new fragrance feels romantic and so fresh with cool notes of bergamot, white musk, magnolia accord and rose essence.
Bergamot and lemon spike heliotrope and ylang-ylang in this subtle, intoxicating blend.
Patchouli beautifully offsets the almost-minimalist iris and amber in a decadent flask.
Pineapple Flower
Swirled with white rose and balsam, this flirty scent is utterly distinctive.
Saffron and sweet angelica seed temper the rose in this seductive infusion.
Delicate peony is mixed with rose, Sicilian orange and musk to an ultra-feminine effect.
This classic concoction uniquely balances grapefruit, lily and oakmoss.
Lotus Flower
Sexy and clean: The lotus and heliotrope blend with citrus and sandalwood.