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This cream is blue—fully, actually blue, as in, you will really have to rub it in so as not to be left with blue skin. It’s made from the indigo plant, which, it turns out, is hugely anti-inflammatory—for centuries, Japanese samurai wore indigo-dyed cotton clothes beneath their armor so as to heal wounds more quickly (in Japan, the color indigo is called samurai blue). The people at Tatcha have made a number of creams (face, hand, body) with indigo, but this one is the most concentrated; not only is it antiaging, it treats skin irritations, small and large, often overnight. Everyone needs a jar in the medicine cabinet: It works, it’s totally natural and it could not be more glamorous.  

*Note to world: Please, someone, start a line of lingerie/T-shirts/long underwear/sheets called Samurai Blue that’s all-indigo, all-the-time?

Tatcha Indigo Soothing Renewal Treatment, $98, tatcha.com

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