Bangs For Your Buck: How To Find Your Perfect Fringe

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Click through for everything you need to know about bangs—from finding the perfect cut for your face shape to which key styling tools to buy.

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"Bangs don't work on everyone," hairstylist Eugene Toye warned me. I didn't need him to explain this fact much further, especially after reminiscing recently over the horrible, chopped-up bangs I had as a four-year-old. You've all heard the story before: just one traumatic childhood haircut experience is enough to make a girl vow to never get the same hairstyle again. Even back then, I knew bangs weren't for me.

Every couple of years, we see a hair trend—pixie cuts, platinum blond, even half-shaved heads—cycle back into fashion and at that same moment, everyone wants in. Bangs, however, stand the test of time and feel classic, yet totally modern, depending on how you wear the rest of your hair. Stars like Taylor Swift, Alexa Chung and Zooey Deschanel are proving that bangs are here to stay. Not only have they all been the stylish reasons I'm starting to change my mind about getting bangs myself, but I'm sure they're also starting to convince you too.

However, since bangs are a big beauty commitment, we asked Eugene Toye of Rita Hazan Salon and Oribe, co-founder and creative director of Oribe Hair Care, to weigh in on what bangs look best on which face shapes—plus all the tricks, products and styling tips to make them work for you. Click through to find all their expert advice and tons of bang-related hair inspiration for your next cut.

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