This One Product Could Save Your Winter Manicure

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Not only is a base coat essential to making your color last, but you can wear it alone as a stengthening and protective layer for brittle nails. Click through for six amazing options.

Butter London

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Digital Beauty Editor

Nothing ruins my mani mojo more than this brutal winter season literally breaking my brittle nails in half. With spring clearly in no rush to arrive, I turned to one of the industry's top nail pros for her tips on how to protect my nails from the dry, cold air. The answer was simple, but genius:

“A base coat is not only essential as a barrier between your nails and the color, but it can prevent staining and is also a great nail reinforcer. My nails don't break as much when I use a base coat. I also wear a base coat on its own a lot of the time. Butter London Horsepower Nail Fertilizer is a personal favourite and I am obsessed with the new Nail 999 Rescue System," says Katie Jane Hughes, Butter London Global Colour Ambassador.

It turns out a single layer of base coat—even if you're not wearing a nail color over it—is everything you need to strengthen your nails this season. Click through for a few great matte and shiny options to try right now.

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