Shailene Woodley Makes A Serious Case For Brown Eyeliner In Divergent

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Digital Editorial Assistant

While watching Divergent last night, there was one thing that I couldn't take my eyes off of (besides Theo James' face, of course): Shailene Woodley's gorgeously natural eye makeup look. Her long, thick lashes were highlighted with just a hint of brown eyeliner smudged on both her top and bottom lids. Paired with some shiny lip balm and a touch of blush, she had the ultimate "no-makeup-but-I'm-still-wearing-makeup" look.

I am strictly a black liquid eyeliner girl, so I surprised myself when I instead reached for an eye pencil in quite a different shade this morning. Why not try Shailene's perfectly smudged brown eyeliner look? And the results are in: my eyes seem greener and I look more awake. Apparently, all it takes is Shailene Woodley to change my previously negative perception of brown eyeliner. This look is perfect for a casual Sunday brunch, or paired with a bold lip (orange, perhaps?) for a night out.

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