13 Amazing YouTube Beauty DIYs That'll Help You Save Money And Get Gorgeous

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SofiaStyled's Crayon Lipstick

Bet you didn't think you could combine cut-up Crayolas and coconut oil to create offbeat (and entirely safe to wear) lip colors! Prepared to be amazed, people. Watch it here.

Click through for 12 more surprisingly simple DIY beauty recipes from my favorite YouTube vloggers!

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Senior Digital Editor

Some people wind down at the end of a long day by kicking back with a good book. Others dive into their DVRs. I, however, love nothing more than falling asleep to the sweet, sweet sounds of my favorite YouTube beauty tutorials.

Sound weird? Well, I guess it is. But seriously, the wealth of beauty knowledge out there is truly impressive—and some of my favorite vloggers have the millions of views to prove it. As jaw-dropping as some of the dramatic beauty tutorials and credit-card-maxing product hauls floating around the interwebs may be, however, I find clicking on clever DIYs and easy recipes to be far more gratifying. After all, who's actually going to head to the office with a face full of Lady Gaga makeup or can afford to buy out their local Sephora? It's not exactly realistic—but whipping up a single-ingredient green tea face mask or a batch of homemade bath bombs? That I can do.

To wit, I've rounded up 13 of my all-time favorite DIY beauty recipe videos in the slideshow above. Many of them require little more than a few items you likely have in your kitchen, arts and crafts drawer or medicine cabinet already, and they're all incredibly easy to do (I should know—I've test-driven many of them myself!). Click through for some major YouTube inspiration.

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