Downton Abbey’s Skincare Secret, Revealed



Laura Carmichael (a.k.a. Lady Edith) stopped by our offices, stunning us with A) her beauty—she’s 1,000 times prettier than poor Lady Edith, B) her lit-from-within skin and C) the fact that the second the cameras turn off for the day on a Downton shoot, every cast member races for the makeup room. “We get there as fast as we can, but the men are always already there in the chairs,” she says. The draw: The Downton makeup artists take off makeup with a Clarisonic. “They give us mini facials with them—every day it’s this mad dash,” she says. “But the brush feels so good, and it really improves your skin.”

Clarisonic Aria Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush in Pink, $199,

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