Eva Chen-Approved International Beauty Products Worth Planning Your Vacation Around

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How does Eva keep her energy up throughout all that beauty product shopping? Gelato breaks—lots and lots of gelato breaks.

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Associate Digital Editor

Traveling abroad gives our editor-in-chief Eva Chen the insatiable urge to spend money. "There's just something about being overseas that makes you want to buy everything," she explained to me last February while preparing for her fashion month tour of London, Milan and Paris. "I have this theory that when you're traveling you could literally be buying the most standardized thing, like a Starbucks or McDonalds, and it's just better."

But even more than ordering foreign lattes and french fries, Eva loves scouring other countries for makeup, skin and hair care products she can't find at her local Sephora. As a former beauty editor, she has an insider's perspective on the best international brands and stocks up in every city she visits, whether it's Paris ("The French pharmacie scene is so wonderful!"), Japan ("I just want everything, really.") or Korea ("The skincare scene there is amazing—they have a beauty boutique on every block the way New York has Starbucks."). She's shared some of her favorites creams, lotions, oil and balms in the slideshow above, many of which are available on a select few e-commerce sites (slide two, though, unfortunately requires either a round-trip ticket to France or a generous European friend). Click through to shop her picks now.

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