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Finding the time to shop for beauty products is an investment in itself—so we know that you want to make sure your purchases are worth it. We took the guesswork out of discovering a new favorite and compiled plenty of photo evidence that proves these beauty items are good to the last drop. Shop them all here!
When it comes to finishing skincare products, Eva's known to apply them super-generously. "Any excess creams or potions I use on my face gets rubbed into [my] hands," she says. Click through to shop her faves!
A combo of sea buckthorn seed oil, fruit oil and even whole pureed berries are mixed together to create this incredibly hydrating body cream.
Even the most sensitive of skin won't need to worry about irritation when it comes to this alcohol-, soap- and paraben-free formula. This cleansing water works like a magnet to remove dirt and impurities with a simple swipe.
Slap on this anti-aging serum that can be used day or night underneath your moisturizer. That's all it takes for your skin to look soft and hydrated.
This shea butter-based hand cream is like a tall drink for dry, parched hands.
A deeply moisturizing serum that helps fight and protect against fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars.
Eva finished these five products during New York Fashion Week. "Trusty Yes to Carrots wipes, delicious small-batch face oil from Shen Beauty, Rahua Beauty shampoo that smells great, Avene body soak that doesn't leave skin desiccated and a classic Neutrogena body oil," she wrote in the caption. Click through to shop them.
This shampoo brings body and life back to bounce-less hair—plus, the organic formula is safe for color-treated styles.
Though this bathtime body oil is meant to treat bumpy skin conditions like eczema, anyone can benefit from it. It's so hydrating, you can skip your post-cleansing moisturizer.
This light-as-air sesame-based body oil quickly absorbs into skin to seal in moisture all day.
This UK-based brand's four facial oils target your specific skincare needs based on each season. The Winter version soothes redness and stress from the harsh, cold weather.
These gentle cleansing wipes get rid of makeup, dirt and grime.
Clearly, Eva loves her face and body oils, but other skincare and hair essentials rank high up on her list, too. Click through to shop these must-haves.
This travel-size dry shampoo brings a blowout back to life and adds a workable texture so you can style it perfectly.
"I've been a fan of Olay for years! Especially the SPF 50 and the night cream," says Eva. The Micro-Sculpting Cream is so silky and moisturizing that it makes you actually look forward to your daily skincare routine.
"It's absolutely ridiculously hydrating. It's meant to to be used overnight though, as it leaves a white tint," says Eva.
This shampoo amps your hair up a notch—both in volume and in shine.
We can't get enough of the slightly sweet scent, and we love the way the 13 different oils make our skin feel crazy-smooth.
Whether you have oily, sensitive, dry or combo skin, this facial oil promotes skin cell growth and restores elasticity. Translation? Hydrated, amazingly smooth skin without that greasy feeling.
The secrets to our editor in chief's glowy complexion, revealed: These six products Eva finished are total skin-savers. Click through to shop them!
This moisturizing mask travels deep into your pores using a special Moroccan lava clay—so exotic and cool.
Specially designed to remove even the most stubborn of waterproof eye makeup. Plus, vitamins B5 and E prevent irritation.
This anti-aging cream uses squalene and hyaluronic acid to bring new skin cells to the surface so your skin looks healthier than ever.
Coconut oil smooths out dry patches all over while hibiscus flower naturally helps even out your skin tone.
Make any bath feel like an at-home spa with this relaxing lavender-scented soak.
Dark circles from all-nighters seriously don't stand a chance with this brightening eye cream.
These beauty products aren't quite finished yet, but we have a feeling they're almost there. Check out a few more of Eva's favorite beauty essentials by clicking through.
"It has a really sheer, serum-like texture. Good for layering," says Eva.
One of the surprising ingredients in this nourishing, natural conditioner? Quinoa! It heals damaged follicles and soaks in moisture faster.
Any skin type can use this soothing oil-gel cleanser packed with vitamin C and omegas 6 and 9, which not only help to remove makeup, but leave behind the softest, cleanest skin ever.
This dry shampoo spray is a time-saver when you need to drum up the volume and shine in seconds.
While dragon's blood sounds like something straight out of Harry Potter, it's actually a resin harvested from various plant species, which helps reduce redness and provides glowy-skin antioxidants. 
"I use it as a night serum. I love it! Great for all skin, especially sensitive types," says Eva.
This creamy cleanser strips away dirt and oil without leaving your skin dry. It also acts as a toner to firm and lift skin with wheat proteins, sweet almond, sunflower and soy oil. The results are as amazing as those ingredients sound!
This lightweight serum is packed with peptides, which means it'll promote firmer, tighter skin while getting rid of the look of wrinkles.
The liquid-gel formula is perfect for any time of year—whenever your lips need a little boost in moisture.
Though a sample size isn't for sale, the full bottle of this brightening serum is worth the splurge.
Look like you got a full night's rest—even if you've been up all night—with this soothing eye cream that relieves puffiness and smoothes out wrinkles.