How To Dry Shampoo Your Hair Like A Pro

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Turn to one of our favorite dry shampoos to give any hairstyle a boost.

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My first experiment with dry shampoo was simply a disaster: I sprayed too much, too closely to my hair and for far too long—it ended up a white, powdery mess. But I was unwilling to give up on the idea of being able to revive a second-day hairstyle in just a few seconds; so I talked with Kevin Mancuso, New York City-based global creative director of Nexxus Salon Hair Care, who had amazing, brilliant tips:

Lucky: Should you put on dry shampoo before or after styling your hair?

Kevin Mancuso: Before styling. It not only preps your hair by providing a lightweight texture that’s easy to work with, but it revives your look with volume, too.

How far away should you hold it from your hair? Should you use a few sprays or a single, continuous one?

For extra volume, spray close to the roots—about five inches away. For all-over refreshing, hold it farther away, about the same distance you’d use a hairspray. The best way to apply it is in one continuous stream for approximately three to five seconds. If you apply more than one spray in a single area for too long, you risk using too much of the product.

How often should you use it and is there such thing as using too much dry shampoo?

It can typically be used up to twice a day. As far as using too much, it depends on the type of product you have. The Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Dry Shampoo has fewer solid particles, so it won’t turn hair stark white—and it also prevents hair from losing the amount of shine normally associated with dry shampoos. However with any dry shampoo, if you overdose, the excess can easily be brushed away.

Should you use dry shampoo only on days you don’t wash your hair, or can it also be used on freshly-washed hair?

Dry shampoo is so versatile you can use it on days you wash, as well as days you don’t. It’s great after you blow dry to give your new blowout extra lift and fullness.

How do you avoid dry shampoo going on white and powdery?

Shaking the bottle before you spray will help reduce whiteness. Holding the product further away covers more hair and breaks up the particles, so you're not in a cloud of dry shampoo.

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