Would You Go Mascara-Less? Eight Ways to Pull it Off!

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Bare lashes just might be this fashion week's biggest beauty trend.
Click through for eight ways to try it.

Kyle Ericksen

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Associate Beauty Producer

At fashion week this season, there was one product noticeably absent from many of the most buzzed about beauty looks: mascara.

Mascara is my ultimate beauty essential. I won't leave the house without it on—even to go to the gym—and I'd bet the majority of makeup-wearing women do the same. Perhaps that's why it was so jarring to see not only no makeup-makeup looks, but also bold and decidedly done-up looks, all sans mascara.

Backstage, makeup artists like Diane Kendal and Tom Pecheux described their bare-lashed looks as youthful, fresh and modern. The choice was also meant to make the eyes appear more open and the eyelid bigger. Indeed, they were right.

It's hard to tell whether the trend will take off in real life, but I, for one, am definitely willing to try it! Before you do too, click through above for eight ways to pull it off, straight from the pros.

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