Madonna's Latest Beauty Shenanigans: A New, Crazy Skincare Commercial And A Hairy Armpit Selfie

Digital Beauty Editor

Between Madonna wearing Emilia Clarke's actual Khaleesi costume for Purim, her just-released commercial for her new skincare line and her latest up-close-and-personal Instagram photo, we can unofficially say that Madonna won social media this weekend.

In her new commercial for MDNA Skin, Madonna lays fully clothed in a bathroom tub, holding a cane and rubbing her thigh-high pantyhose (because, why not?). At first glance you're not exactly sure what's going on, but at the very end of the video, she briefly mentions one of the products in her line, The Serum, which is meant to firm and lift skin. Though we admit the commercial doesn't make a ton of sense, we're intrigued that perhaps The Serum (currently being released only in Japan) is her secret to looking this good, even at 55.

Around the same time, Madonna Instagrammed her latest hair look—but this being Madonna, it wasn't exactly a traditional cut. Instead, her nearly 1.5 million Instagram followers got a close-up look at her hairy armpit, giving an entirely new meaning to the caption "long hair… don't care!"

The star has never been afraid to make a bold statement—and clearly she won't be stopping any time soon.

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