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As ceremonies—private or otherwise—go, the sage stick is easy, elegant and utterly satisfying, especially considering the bang for your buck. I marched around my former-crack-den-ish home when I first moved in, waving the burning sage like some high priestess and feeling impossibly grand (and, indeed, cleansed). After a hideous breakup, I found myself in Sedona, Arizona—not at a spa but at the UFO Store. I shopped the Area 51 T-shirts and alien-testimony videos, but I bought a big fat bundle of sage. It burns slowly, it smells so good and the fact that you yourself (instead of an actual high priestess) are conducting the proceedings makes any occasion even more momentous. Sage, then, is perfect for soaps of all kinds: cleansing! But especially this fantastic, wildly invigorating body wash. The sage aspect is tempered with a bit of eau de spa—a little less high priestess, a little more drill sergeant (in the best possible way). You need a little drill sergeant in the am, no?

Malin + Goetz Sage Body Wash, $18, malinandgoetz.com

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