An Easy, Six-Step Guide to A Bright and Spring-y Nail Art Look

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Olive & June's founder, Sarah Gibson Tuttle, walks us through a gorgeous, springtime take on a cute nail art look straight from Fashion Week.

All photos courtesy of Olive & June

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Digital Beauty Editor

While nail art certainly isn't dead, the new vibe for spring is more subtle and totally wearable as an everyday accent to your beauty look. Still, if you've ever experimented with nail art looks at home, it can seem like a daunting and complicated process. So we turned to the pros at Beverly Hills-based nail salon Olive & June to show us how to recreate a springtime version of one of our favorite Fashion Week mani moments from Alice and Olivia's fall show below in just six easy steps.

via Instagram / @MissPopNails

You'll be amazed at how simple is it to DIY this cool look. Click through above to find a step-by-step guide Olive & June created just for Lucky readers and check out their Instagram for more inspiration!

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