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Olive & June's founder, Sarah Gibson Tuttle, walks us through a gorgeous, springtime take on a cute nail art look straight from Fashion Week.
"File your nails so the shape mirrors your natural nail bed. Then apply Butter London's Horsepower Nail Fertilizer base coat to not only protect your nail color for days, but to strengthen them too," says Tuttle.
"Inspired by spring, we went with two coats of white nail polish color instead of black. It's a fresh and clean departure from the vampy lacquer that ruled winter. We have a thing for creamy Essie in Blanc but any opaque white will do."
"We used NARS nail polish in Schiap to add a bright, hot pink accent. Grab a dotting tool, whether it's a toothpick, bent paperclip, or even a de-fuzzed Q-tip—this will determine the size of your dots. We like to use a combination of tools for big and small dots to create a pattern. Place one large dot in the center of the base of your nail. Then, add smaller dots on the left and the right."
"Follow the same steps to create your dotted French: A big dot in the middle, smaller dots on either side. Take care to follow the line of your natural bed to play up the most flattering shape."
"Finish with a shiny top coat like RGB Glass Top. It's not only gorgeous and delivers lasting shine, but it's also 5-free."
Voilá—a runway nail look that you can wear day or night!