Why Facial Sprays Are The Secret To All-Day Flawless Skin

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Facial sprays may appear to be fancy, overpriced (though decidedly less silly looking) versions of the spray bottles tourists wear around their necks at Disney World—but as it turns out, these aerosol cans do much more than provide a refreshing mist of H20 on a hot day. Facial sprays are packed with skin-perfecting ingredients like herbal extracts, essential oils and antioxidants. So while you can use them for a quick, cooling spritz, you can also use them to hydrate, soothe, balance, tighten and energize your skin—all without ruining your makeup. In fact, your makeup will look better and last longer!

The bottom line? Facial sprays are an on-the-go, miracle-working product your makeup bag should never be without. Click through above to shop nine Lucky-approved options at every price point.

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