20 Beauty Secrets That Will Change The Way You Do Your Makeup


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From creating a flawless, fresh-faced complexion (hey there, Kate Bosworth) to drawing the perfect cat-eye (you know who we're talking about), these beauty secrets are the ones you need to know right now. Click through for 20 insider tips,  bold name inspirations, and how to create the look with products from Jane Iredale.

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Whether it's a fresh-faced surfer girl glow, enviably long and thick eyelashes, or that full, perfect pout that's just screaming for a selfie—some of us have it naturally and some of us have to fake it every once in a while. And that's totally allowed! In fact, we bet most of our favorite starlets and models have their own go-to beauty tricks and hacks up those couture sleeves—most likely learned from all that time spent on the red carpet and in front of the photogs. Well, happy birthday to you because, with the help of our friends at Jane Iredale (and in honor of the brand's 20th anniversary!), we put together your ultimate primer full of the best kept beauty tricks in the biz.

So click on through the slideshow above for 20 easy and totally crucial beauty secrets, complete with inspiration from your favorite fashion crushes and the best way to create the look.

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