Spring Haircut Inspiration: Lucky Editor Elana Fishman's Long, Breezy Bob

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At the Lucky offices, editors never hesitate to share their style and beauty secrets. "Where did you get that?" and "What product did you use?" are questions often asked and readily answered around the sixth floor of Condé Nast. So naturally, when fellow staffer Elana Fishman made the decision to cut her long hair into a bob, we had to know everything. Below, the senior digital editor reveals her inspiration, hair product must-haves and more!

Lucky: What inspired you to cut your hair?

Elana: Oddly, this was probably the first time I ever went to the salon for a dramatic haircut without a printed-out inspiration photo in hand! But I'd wanted to try a 'lob' for a while before I finally took the plunge just before New York Fashion Week in February. Not only did I love the idea of having an easier, breezier style for the warmer months (and fashion week!) ahead, but I also knew that shorter hair would cut the post-shower dry time in half—an appealing idea all around. Length-wise, I was shooting for something roughly similar to Lily Collins' amazing cut.

Have you ever gone this short before? How did you feel afterward?

This is the shortest my hair's been since I was in kindergarten, when my mom decided that chopping off most of my naturally curly (yes, really) hair would eliminate my impossible-to-tackle tangles (it didn't). I didn't have too many concerns going into the salon—mostly because I've been seeing the same stylist, Toshi at Hayato in NYC's Flatiron neighborhood, for several years now. He both Japanese straightens and cuts my hair and is just the best. After the big chop—about six inches gone!—I felt instantly lighter. As in, not only was my mood instantly lifted, but my head literally felt lighter. (I should mention that I have the sort of thick, heavy hair that—when long—makes ponytails a headache-inducing prospect.)

What's different about your beauty routine now that your hair is shorter and lighter?

Not much, to be honest! I use most of the same products—some sort of cheap drugstore shampoo, plus Kerastase or Neutrogena Triple Moisture hair mask to condition, and then a bit of Moroccanoil or Shu Uemura Essence Absolue hair oil as a leave-in. If it's cold outside, I blow-dry while combing through with my fingers; otherwise, I generally just let it air dry. I will say that since it's now lighter, my hair seems to have a bit more natural texture to it—a little bit more of a wave. Fine by me! Sometimes, if I want it super-sleek, I'll go over it with my CHI iron; I also use my CHI to touch up my roots daily when they start growing in (curly, of course) again. That happens about three months after each straightening process.

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