Elizabeth Banks on Why She's 'Obsessed' With Her Mouth and What She Really Thinks About Oil Pulling

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Just when I thought Elizabeth Banks couldn't get any more acca-awesome, merely a few minutes with the actress and director of the upcoming sequel, Pitch Perfect 2, proved me wrong. The hilarious star chatted with me about her new role with Listerine and the surprising reason why she became involved with the brand.

"I have a big, goofy smile and always have," Banks told me in between laughs. "I'm actually sort of obsessed with my mouth," she says. "When I was younger I was scared straight because so many of the older people in my huge family had fake teeth or missing teeth. Ever since, I thought, 'I need to hold onto my teeth as long as possible!' So it's always been important to me to take care of my mouth."

So what does she think about oil pulling, the latest mouth-cleansing trend championed the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Shailene Woodley? "I actually haven't heard of it until now," she admitted. "I'm more of a hard science-and-facts kind of person. I'm not a big trend follower in general, either. But I always say that if you think it's working for you and you really believe in something to go for it!'"

Inspired by her self-proclaimed "mouth obsession," she recently partnered with Listerine and their 21-day "Swish Selfie" challenge to help promote oral care awareness for children. Throughout April, if you post a photo of yourself "swishing" Listerine on their Facebook page, the brand will donate $5 to Oral Health America. Fresh breath for a great cause? Now that's certainly something to smile about.


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