Six Pretty (And Temporary!) Ways to Add Color to Your Hair This Spring

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From powders to sprays to salon treatments, click through for six ways to try hair chalk.

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Hair chalk has been on our radar ever since Lauren Conrad tried it back in 2012, but thanks to the many celebs who have recently dyed their hair bright colors (Nicole! Katy! Kirsten!) and our sheer excitement for anything spring-related, the trend suddenly feels fresh again. Plus, with innovative new formulas, hair chalk is more pigmented, long-wearing and easier to apply than ever.

Click through above to shop our favorites and read on below for DIY hairchalking tips!

  • Wear rubber gloves and cover shoulders and clothes—hairchalking can get messy!
  • For high intensity color (especially if you have dark hair), wet each stand before application.
  • Seal in the color with a flat or curling iron and set with hairspray.
  • Don't brush chalked strands until you're ready for the color to come out.
  • Because chalk is drying, always condition your hair after washing the color out.
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