WATCH: The Seven Makeup Brushes Every Woman Needs—And How To Use Them

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Follow along as celeb makeup artist Viktorija Bowers walks us through the seven essential makeup brushes you need for a perfect everyday beauty look—plus, how to use them.


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Digital Beauty Editor

The quickest way to completely change your beauty look? It doesn't necessarily require an overhaul of your entire makeup collection (though shopping for new products is always fun!). In fact, it's all about finding the right makeup tools and using them in a smart way. According to the industry pros, the right set of brushes make all the difference when creating a flawless makeup look. Tweezerman's just-lanched line of Brush IQ brushes have new technology that makes them a whole lot better than your fingers at picking up and releasing product to give you a more uniform look. Plus, the synthetic bristles last longer, are more hygienic and feel smoother than animal ones. Major, major wins all around.

Clearly, there are more than a few great reasons not to let your fancy makeup brushes sit idly at the bottom of your medicine cabinet. Still wondering how to use those tools? Tweezerman created the video below with celeb makeup artist Viktorija Bowers, who breaks it down for us by using seven essential brushes from the Tweezerman Brush IQ collection. Watch our exclusive clip below to learn how to use your makeup brushes to achieve a natural, pretty, everyday beauty look—then, click through above to shop your new brush best friends!

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