Kelly Osbourne Shaved Off A Chunk Of Her Hair

Digital Beauty Editor

Kelly Osbourne already sets herself apart with her bright purple hair, but she recently took her hairstyle to the next level by getting a thicker set of straight-across bangs and shaving off a portion right above her ear.

"Here is one pic of my new hair cut!" Kelly captioned the above Instagram photo. "What do you guys think? I'm also sporting the #SpringTrend and have no bottom mascara [on]. It looks weird, I [love] it!"

Kelly and Demi Lovato are two recent examples of stars helping the undercut trend make a comeback. It definitely takes a confident type of person to pull off the semi-shaved hairstyle–and I think they both make it work with their bold, rocker personalities and vibrant hair hues (Demi opts for pink!). While this is one way to spruce up your hair for spring, what do you think about Kelly's look? Would you try it yourself?

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