L'Oreal's New Game-Changing Reusable At-Home Hair Dye

Digital Beauty Editor

I've never dyed my hair, but for years I've helped my mom color hers with various brands' DIY dye kits. Being the true product hoarder she is (like mother, like daughter, I suppose!), she was always frustrated by the fact that she ended up having to throw out most of the dye since her super-short hair didn't require much product. It did seem like a bit of a waste, even for reasonably-priced drugstore options.

Which brings me to a product 10 years in the making: L'oreal Paris' Preference Mousse Absolue. It's a new hair dye where you can save and reapply the remaining formula for up to a year after you first use it, whether you want root touch-ups or a complete application. The dual chamber perfectly preserves the formula in an airtight package that keeps the color fresh. Another amazing part of this launch? It requires zero mixing—you just shake the bottle and press the button to apply it directly to your hair. The thick mousse gives you full coverage without the usual mess.

Whether you want a "Light Golden Blonde" or an "Intense Dark Brown," there are 14 Mousse Absolue shades available for $14.99 each at drugstores. Ladies who want light brunette or black hair will have to be patient for a few more weeks—these shades will be available in June, but trust us, it's so worth the wait.

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