Spring Hair Color Inspiration: Lucky Editor Maura Lynch's Pretty Purple Hue

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Lucky senior beauty editor Maura Lynch has the most amazing purple hair! Click through to check out the products she relies on to maintain the look, plus her makeup must-haves.
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At the Lucky offices, editors never hesitate to share their style and beauty secrets. "Where did you get that?" and "What product did you use?" are questions often asked and readily answered. So naturally, when fellow staffer Maura Lynch made the decision to dye her hair purple, we had to know every detail. Below, the senior beauty editor reveals her inspiration behind the look, her new beauty routine and more!

Lucky: Who or what was the inspiration behind your new purple hair?

Maura Lynch: It was my birthday recently and I wanted to do something really fun. Then, I remembered when I was growing up I was obsessed with Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer and Rainbow Brite's sidekick was this character with purple hair, Shy Violet. I loved her glasses and the way she was kind of nerdy and smart. I thought she was such a cool character and her hair was the main inspiration behind my look. I always wanted to do a fun color.

Who created the look for you and what was the process like?

I've had the same colorist for a million years. His name is Adrian Wallace and he works at Rita Hazan. He's taken me through so many different colors. The funniest thing about my purple hair is that people will come up to me and say, "I know purple is not your natural hair color obviously, but it suits you in a way that it kind of looks like you were born with it." I think that's amazing and it says a lot about Adrian's work. He knows how to match my skin tone in a great way. Purple hair takes a lot of toning and protein treatments. You actually bleach all of your hair first and then you put the color on so that it pops more. If you tried to put purple on a dark blonde it wouldn't show up the same way. The whole process took three hours.

What were you expecting going into the salon and what was the conversation between you and your colorist before you got started?

I knew it would turn out okay. Adrian's never given me a color I didn't like. We get each other because we've known each other for so long. I showed him shades of purple. I showed him the character [Shy Violet] and a photo of Kelly Osbourne because I think her purple is really good in that gray-ish kind of way. I wanted it paler than Kelly's and he actually convinced me to go darker because of how fast it fades. If I had really done it paler I would've been back in the salon in two weeks instead of three.

On that note, it sounds like it's a high-maintenance style!

Definitely. I'm at the salon every three weeks to re-bleach the roots and put the color on. It also fades in a really cool way over time. I think every step of the fade is really fun. If you don't want to go to a salon, there are at-home kits you can use like Vidal Sassoon's London Luxe Collection or Manic Panic.

Linda Rodin told me recently that when she leaves her [Clairol] Shimmer Lights on her hair too long, it turns it purple, so I've been meaning to try that. Shimmer Lights is a purple shampoo people use the cut the brassiness in blonde hair so I guess if you leave it on for a while it turns your hair slightly purple.

How has purple hair changed your beauty routine?

I use Redken's Color Extend collection in the shower. Specific shampoo for color-treated hair is really important. I don't like my hair to be perfect with color or texture. I started dying it years ago because I wanted to get some coarseness to it. I'm always using every volumizer possible because I have really fine hair. The new Philip B Russian Amber Mousse not only gives my hair lift but it also gives it weight, which I want.

Adrian wants me to stay away from heat styling as much as possible. I wash it less. I always wait 48 hours after the dye job to wash it. I use dry shampoo—a lot of dry shampoo. My favorite is Klorane but I like to use Bumble and Bumble's Pret a Powder that you sprinkle on your roots. I try to go as long as possible without washing it but since I have fine hair, I have to wash it more than the average person in order to feel clean. The other thing I've noticed with purple hair is that my new hair growing in at the roots absorbs the color more than my older hair at the ends. I kind of like it, but I asked my colorist what I should do to fix it so the color looks even. He suggested I take regular shampoo and massage it at the roots in the shower and then use color-treated shampoo for the rest of my hair. That way, it'll strip a little more at the roots.

The biggest thing is that I'm definitely different about makeup. Since my hair makes such a strong statement it looks better keeping my skin natural—sometimes with cool eyeliner. I love Maybelline's liquid liner. CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara is one of my favorites. [With my purple hair] it's about keeping my makeup really simple and playing up my eyes a little. I'm generally a big lip color person, but I haven't been doing my red lip look lately because I think my hair is my color moment. So it's all about making sure that my brows look good and my skin has a great blush, which I can't live without. My favorite blushes are by Sunday Riley and Bobbi Brown. I love the Topshop one in Good Girl. The bright color looks like it would be crazy but it actually goes on sheer and [illuminates your skin] like you have a light bulb behind your cheekbone.

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