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Milkmaid braids are the easiest way to look effortlessly cool while still keeping your hair out of your face—a music festival necessity. Click through to get expert tips on how to recreate the hairstyle!
Milkmaid braids are all over both the runways and red carpets—we love Elle Fanning's clean take on the look at left. "The style is fast and fun: it lends itself to a lot of different looks. It could be boho and work for Coachella or chic for the red carpet," says Herbel Essences celebrity stylist Charles Baker Strahan.
Strahan advises to use dry shampoo to add texture prior to styling. "This style works best with second-day hair that is wavy and has some texture to it. Get this by spraying the Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo and rubbing it at the roots to give it a boost of volume (and an amazing fresh mint scent)."

1. To start, Strahan recommends parting your hair in the middle and braiding the two sides going down, securing each with a clear elastic.

2. Then take one braid and wrap it around the top of your head, securing it around the other side with a bobby pin (make sure the wavy side is against your scalp).

3. Tuck the bobby pins in and underneath the base so they stay hidden.

4. Then, wrap the second braid over the top to the other side and pin the same way you pinned the first.

As for bangs, Strahan says to go with the flow. "Not trying too hard is the key to this look," he explains. "Tenants to the style are to look chic, not like a girl scout! Create the look so it's softer, and has moments of whimsy."

For ladies with bangs, look to Mary-Kate Olsen for inspiration on how to make bangs work with the braids. Slightly curl them to achieve Olsen's wispy, earthy look.

To finish off the look and ensure hold, spray on some lightweight hairspray. On windy desert nights, this step is key!
If you're feeling adventurous, Strahan suggests using a long plastic sewing needle to thread fabric into the braids. Sick of flower crowns? Weaving in thread is perfect for a free-spirited Coachella look that will set you apart from the pack.
For longer-haired ladies, he recommends adding visual interest. "If you have a lot of hair, wrap one braid on top of the head and down and around the nape area." Use that plastic crochet needle once more to pull out pieces and make a thicker braid.