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When we were younger, not a day went by when we didn't smell like vanilla, kiwi or cotton candy, thanks to our favorite Lip Smacker balms. Click through for more amazing beauty classics that helped get us through our tween years.
If deodorant could ever be "cute and girly," Teen Spirit's Lady Speed Stick certainly tried.
In the '80s, it wasn't enough for just your skin to look sun-kissed in the summer—your hair had to glow as well. This leave-in spray made blonde and medium-brown hair look lighter in an instant.
Prell was first introduced in 1947—and 57 years later, the pearly green shampoo is still available for anyone who wants that squeaky-clean feeling.
We've been loving that tingly feeling from Noxzema's deep cleansing cream for over 100 years.
When the original dry shampoo first hit the beauty scene, it felt like magic.
One whiff of this soft, powdery, just-like-a-baby fragrance will take you back—way back.
"No dust, no dirt, no tears!" Not only did we love the adorable packaging, but this stuff lived up to all its promises and smelled just like candy.
If your super-curly, voluminous '80s hair didn't reach sky-high heights, you bought L.A. Looks Hair Gel to try to get you there.
These tasted like your favorite food or drink—in lovely lip balm form. And good news: they're still available in basically every flavor under the sun!
Who didn't douse themselves with Gap's Grass every morning before middle school?
This all-in-one mineral beauty makeup from the '60s could be used as a lip liner, lipstick, powder, eye shadow, eyeliner, blush and highlighter—and you could even use it as a nail polish. "Multi-purpose" was certainly an understatement when it came to this product.
This drugstore classic was first introduced in the '30s, and both men and women still rely on it for a refreshing, citrusy splash.
Naturally, Herbal Essences has revamped over the years, but no one can ever forget the classic, old-school packaging paired with those famous "YES!" commercials from the late '90s.
Clinique's famous yellow moisturizer comes with no bells or whistles. No crazy-sounding anti-aging ingredients, no vitamins or high-tech additives: just straight-up intense hydration. Now it's available in an updated formulation, but still maintains its familiar look.