From Lip Smackers To Sun-In, 14 Beauty Classics That Make Us Feel Nostalgic

In the '80s, it wasn't enough for just your skin to look sun-kissed in the summer—your hair had to glow as well. This leave-in spray made blonde and medium-brown hair look lighter in an instant.
One whiff of this soft, powdery, just-like-a-baby fragrance will take you back—way back.
These tasted like your favorite food or drink—in lovely lip balm form. And good news: they're still available in basically every flavor under the sun!

Who didn't douse themselves with Gap's Grass every morning before middle school?


This drugstore classic was first introduced in the '30s, and both men and women still rely on it for a refreshing, citrusy splash.
Naturally, Herbal Essences has revamped over the years, but no one can ever forget the classic, old-school packaging paired with those famous "YES!" commercials from the late '90s.

Herbal Essences

Clinique's famous yellow moisturizer comes with no bells or whistles. No crazy-sounding anti-aging ingredients, no vitamins or high-tech additives: just straight-up intense hydration. Now it's available in an updated formulation, but still maintains its familiar look.

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Digital Beauty Editor

At Lucky, we've been feeling a little sentimental lately. While reminiscing about our favorite '90s fashion and recounting our first-ever fragrances, we got to thinking about the past-decade beauty products that we loved while growing up, but may have long forgotten.

Above, we take a look at some of the most memorable beauty products of years gone by—many of which, happily, are still available today!

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