Revlon's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Collection is Nothing Short of, Well, Amazing

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Revlon's newest Spider-Man-themed Electric Chrome nail polish and lip gloss collection doesn't dispapoint. Click through for each of the amazing shades in the entire limited-edition line.


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Digital Beauty Editor

With great beauty, comes great responsibility (err, that's how the quote in the Spider-Man movies goes, right?). Emma Stone, who reprises her role as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 next month, is the perfect girl for the challenge. The brand ambassador for Revlon is the muse behind the movie's new Electric Chrome makeup collection. The line not only includes gorgeous nail polishes and lip glosses in the reds, blues and oranges that are seen throughout the costumes and the set, but each product has a super-cool marble chrome effect that's inspired by Electro, the movie sequel's villain.

Though the Electric Chrome collection isn't available online, all you need to do is head to any drugstore to find it on shelves. Once you get your hands on them, we suggest trying the Spidey Sense nail polish to give your fingers and toes a cherry-red pop. Plus, it looks even better worn with the lip gloss in Sparks Fly for a night out. You'll love that there are tons of ways to mix and match them (yes, even the blue lip gloss that you'll find above!).

Click through for a sneak peek at all six of the Electric Chrome Nail Enamels as well as the three Super Lustrous Lip Glosses that are a part of the collection—and indeed, they're nothing short of amazing.

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