11 Secret-Weapon Beauty Products Tamu McPherson Swears By

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Our contributing editor starts and ends each of her jam-packed days with a consistent beauty routine. Click through for the 11 hero products she uses.

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As a full-time street style photographer and blogger, our contributing editor Tamu McPherson is always on the go. Her job is all about giving her followers an inside glimpse of the business, whether that means taking the full fashion month tour—New York to London to Milan to Paris, all without a breather in between—catching a flight for a last-minute party or spontaneously chasing an especially well-dressed stranger down for a picture. Rarely does she have two similar days in a row.

Even still, Tamu doesn't let her insanely unpredictable schedule mess with her beauty regimen. "I'm a creature of habit," she told me while visiting our office last week (before heading to a dinner, and then a trip to Jamaica. I told you: so busy!). "My routine is pretty consistent." Above, she shares the creams, cleansers, masks and makeup she's most loyal to—click through to shop her picks now.

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