The 24 Best Celeb Hair Transformations of 2014

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It's only April and it's already been an insanely exciting year of dramatic dye-jobs, pixies, bangs and everything in between. Here are the 24 most amazing celeb hair makeovers that caught our eye.

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Digital Beauty Editor

Last year's beauty buzz may have been all about J. Law's cropped cut, M'Obama's bangs and Miley Cyrus' pixie, but we're not even halfway through 2014 and we're pretty sure we've already topped 2013. From Margot Robbie's glossy brunette dye-job to Katie Holmes' irresistible set of bangs, we're obsessed with all these recent celebrity transformations—all of which are perfect inspiration for a new spring hairstyle. Click through above to see a round-up of our favorites!

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