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It's only April and it's already been an insanely exciting year of dramatic dye-jobs, pixies, bangs and everything in between. Here are the 24 most amazing celeb hair makeovers that caught our eye.
We basically watched Margot Robbie's rise to It-girl status happen on the red carpet, so we couldn't help but notice when dyed her hair brunette for a movie role in Z for Zachariah.
Taylor Swift's making a strong case for the short bob-and-bangs combo as the most versatile haircut ever.
Kate Bosworth's golden hair will always be the epitomy of perfect blonde, but for now, we're digging the redhead look she did for an upcoming movie role.
We did a double-take when we saw Katie Holmes' new bangs, which look so chic swept to the side.
Maggie Gyllenhaal's signature cropped pixie cut is even more dramatic in platinum blonde and with  messy-cool texture.
Naya Rivera once said she'd love to follow in Jennifer Lopez's footsteps and we think this soft, honey brown color—similar to J.Lo's coloring!—is a great start.
First, Nicole Richie pranked us with a Photoshopped Instagram pic of herself with awesome purple hair, but then a few days later she sported the actual look, making all our colorful hair dreams come true. "My daughter picked the color for me!" Nicole told us at our Lucky FABB conference earlier in April. "My husband has colored hair all the time, so I guess for her it seems normal. I'm very popular at her school now—kids come up to me and think I'm a character from Frozen."
Molly Sims had one celeb in mind when she went for her new redheaded look: Amy Adams. We think she nailed it.
The iconic bob is back—and now brunette! Late last year, Jennifer Aniston turned to her longtime stylist, Chris McMillan to bring back the famous Friends-era style, and then she recently dyed it to a chestnut brown for an upcoming movie role in Cake.
Hairstylist Neal Farinah created Kelly Rowland's sleek bob. "I didn't care how short [he] cut it, I just needed something different," Kelly told us in an interview. "I've been rocking the long hair and bangs for a while. I loved the look, but I got bored."
Leave it to model-actress Amber Valletta to make what's basically a mushroom cut look completely sexy and fun.
Very few people look as good as Emma Stone does in almost every hair color imaginable, but this particular shade of red is quite possibly her best shade ever.
Lauren Conrad only chopped off perhaps five or six inches, but it's been so long since we've seen anything but super-long beachy waves on the star, that we immediately took notice.
Trying to keep up with Kim Kardashian's hair game certainly keeps us on our toes. She not only debuted a brand new darker hairstyle this year, but a few weeks later she also cut off a few inches into this lovely, piecey and layered look.
Julianne Hough's cute pixie is daring and playful—just like the star herself.
Kelly Osbourne makes her purple hair stand out even more by officially bringing back the undercut trend—plus, a thicker set of straight-across bangs.
Eva Longoria's become such an expert at slicking down her bangs that it's hard to figure out whether they're a clip-in style or the real deal. However, for now her wispy, face-flattering bangs are here to stay.
Kristen Stewart's done blonde, red and even jet black hair for her movie roles and now she's sporting a super-bright orange look for the upcoming film American Ultra.
Julia Roberts ditched the ombré in favor of a platinum shade that has us totally obsessed.
There's no mistaking her for her famous twin sisters now. Elizabeth Olsen goes for a completely fresh look with this glossy dark brown shade.
Kate Mara's transition to platinum blonde was a gradual process—and we fully appreciate the actress giving us time to digest her blonde look. The actress transformed her red hair at the end of last year to a cool red-blonde ombré. Now she's officially at the blondest we've seen yet—and it looks gorgeous.
Britney Spears did a brief stint a brunette at the beginning of the year, but now it seems like the Vegas headliner is having a lot of fun being a redhead for the moment.
The color experts at Chris McMillan Salon created this "slime green" shade for Katy Perry. "[I've been] wanting to go slime green for a long time," Katy Perry told E! News, "It's springtime and I think it's time to freshen up my look. I'm really excited about [it]."
It turns out these bangs that Mindy Kaling recently experimented with were just a temporary look, but here's to hoping she reconsiders.