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Click through for six rules for shopping drugstore fragrances, plus discover delicious-smelling, under-$20 options!
Look for a trustworthy name.
Sonia Kashuk is a celebrity makeup artist, so you know she only creates products she would use herself.
Stick with the classics.
If a perfume has been on the market since the '70s—like this one has—there's a reason!
Get literal.
Love the smell of coconut? Lilac? Rain? Each of Demeter's singular scents smells exactly like the name suggests.
Don't be afraid of celebrity scents.
Believe it or not, many fragrances with A-list names on them are made by the same people who create pricier designer scents.
Opt for an oil.
Subtle, aromatic body oils are a nice alternative to strong sprays. This one even helps reduce stress!
Keep it fresh.
Super-fruity or floral notes can be headache-inducing at this price point, but you can never go wrong with a fresh, clean scent.