Dianna Agron Debuts A New Bob At The Met Gala

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The Met Gala is known for being an opportunity for hairstylists and makeup artists to flex their creative muscles and try untraditional beauty look on their celeb clientele (Purple lipstick! Pixie cuts!). But last night, Dianna Agron proved that something as simple as a trim can be just as eye-catching, too.

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"Dianna's Parisian flapper-like dress inspired me to cut off about four inches of her hair into a graduated bob," says hairstylist David Stanwell. "We were going to have her hair up at first, but we knew we were going to cut her hair shorter at some point so we decided to do it now!"

The new length perfectly framed the sparkly purple straps of Agron's Prada gown and the subtle flip—created with the T3 Single Pass Straightening and Styling Iron—complemented the cool wave shape of her earrings. Even though the cut was done specifically with the dress in mind, it's clearly a versatile look. "She looks amazing with any length hair, but Dianna does like to change her look up and not get stuck with something for too long. It's a classic cut that almost anyone can pull off—shorter hair can be just as fun as longer hair," says Stanwell.

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