Check Out These Jaw-Dropping Makeup Transformations From A Crazy-Talented YouTube Blogger

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YouTube blogger Elsa Rhae certainly has a knack for makeup transformations. From The Grinch to Captain Planet, click through to see her jaw-dropping looks.
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Digital Beauty Editor

Much as we love natural-looking makeup, it's always interesting to see how more dramatic beauty choices can transform you into a completely different person. For example, a swipe of bold lipstick always manages to make me feel more confident and a couple of coats of super-volumizing mascara do the trick when I want a flirty a date night look. But it wasn't until I recently discovered YouTube blogger Elsa Rhae's makeup transformation videos that I realized just how far the simple products in your makeup bag—plus some time spent practicing in front of the bathroom mirror!—can really take you.

Rhae, a Kansas City video producer, works part-time as an event face painter, and her makeup-aided metamorphoses into famous characters—like a Game of Thrones  White Walker and Captain Planet—are incredible. Though these looks certainly won't fly at the workplace, Rhae truly puts the "art" in makeup artist—and makes us reconsider whether face painting should be reserved for kids.

Click through above to see her seriously amazing work—and tell us which look is your favorite!

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