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As a former beauty editor, Lucky's editor in chief Eva Chen loves answering all your burning beauty questions on her Instagram and Twitter feeds—and we've shopped out some of her favorite recommendations here. Click through to find your new go-to!

Q: "What are your favorite liquid foundations and powdered foundations?" - @ChristelMLangue via Twitter

A: "I like @NARSissist tinted moisturizer and powder." - @EvaChen212

Q: "Do you have any favorite beauty products for natural makeup?" - @VeenaMcCoole via Twitter

A: "Love @tartecosmetics, @sundayriley, @burtsbees, @butterlondon!" - @EvaChen212

Q: "Where are you currently loving for getting brows done in NYC?" - @bonjouradryanna via Twitter

A: "I go to @SaniasBrowBar! The Best!" - @EvaChen212

Q: "Can you recommend a good retinol for beginners? I read it's best used as preventative so I'm going to try!" - @chipnpepper via Instagram

A: "The ones from RoC and Neutrogena are solid. Retinols are not ideal to use when there's a lot of sun exposure because it can make skin sensitive." - @EvaChen212

Q: "I want to know a little bit about peels. Know of anything great?" - @jennybeaned via Instagram

A: "These M-61 packets are fab. Not too stingy." - @EvaChen212

Q: "Any great products you recommend buying while traveling in London and Paris?" - @lauren_drexler via Instagram

A: "Sunscreen from La Roche-Posay in Paris as it's a different formula than in the U.S." - @EvaChen212

Q: "Anything you recommend to diminish lines at the corners of my mouth?" - @JessLaniew via Instagram

A: "@Kiehlsnyc might do the trick." - @EvaChen212

Q: "What's your favorite flat iron?" - @lalucky12 via Twitter

A: "My favorite is by @HarryJoshHair." - @EvaChen212

Q: "Can you recommend a good hand cream?" - @athinkingphoto via Twitter

A: "Aveeno in AM, Aquaphor in PM." - @EvaChen212

Q: "Which Fresh Lip Balm is your favorite?" - @wantonmeedabest via Instagram

A: "It changes depending on my outfit. Lately I love cherry."  - @EvaChen212

Q: "I've been looking for a good eye cream. What do you recommend?" - @kimly82 via Instagram

A: "Fresh Creme Ancienne and Kiehl's Avocado are super rich. If you want something lighter, I like Olay Regenerist or Restorsea." - @EvaChen212

Q: "What are some good toners/moisturizers for people with sensitive and oily skin?" - @HarryKim90 via Twitter

A: "I like @DGskincare's oil-free line!" - @EvaChen212

Q: "What's your favorite face scrub?" - @tiffany827 via Twitter
A: "I love @dermalogica Microfoliant. Never irritates." - @EvaChen212

Q: "What product is best for sun burn?" - @Sheikaboom via Instagram

A: "Soothing lotions, ideally organic and chemical/acid-free. Try Burt's Bees and try never ever to sunburn!" - @EvaChen212

Q: "Need a miraculous clearing mask! Suggestions?" - @Gabrielle_Marg via Twitter

A: "Regarding skincare there are no miracles—but love @bosciaskincare." - @EvaChen212