Grace Coddington Reveals Her No-Fuss Hair Routine

Associate Beauty Producer

Steve Eichner

In the fashion industry, there is no hairstyle more recognizable than Grace Coddington's flaming red coif. But as iconic as it is, the look surprisingly requires minimal effort on the Vogue creative director's part. 

Last night at a party celebrating No Clothes, an exhibition of nude portraits she curated, Coddington told our friends at The Cut that the only hair product she uses is a brush. The rest she leaves to the professionals: "I pay very regular visits to Louis Licari, who does the color for me," she said. "And my boyfriend is a hairstylist, and he cuts my hair—Didier Malige—and apart from that I don’t do anything. I just turn it upside down, wash it, brush it, whatever."

If only our hair routines were so simple!

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