Three Foolproof Ways To Create Effortless Waves

The key to using a curling iron to make waves, says Santiago, is to approach it casually—you don't want perfect curls. Holding the iron vertically, loosely wind strands around it until you reach the center of the hair shaft, leaving out the ends. Finish with a texturizing spray.

If you have coarse or naturally curly hair, smooth it out with a blow dryer or flat iron before styling.

Emma Stone, via Getty Images

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Often, the more effortless something looks, the more effort it actually requires. So when I first began to spot celebrities and models looking insanely cool with soft waves tousled just so, I immediately assumed a mere mortal like me would never be able to replicate it. But as it turns out, the look really is as simple as it appears. Above, Damian Santiago, wave master and co-owner of Mizu New York Salon, shares his pro tips for creating perfectly imperfect waves every time.

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