Nine Life-Changing Secrets To Making Your Manicure Last For Weeks

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Getting a manicure is always a fun treat, but an annoying little chip can ruin the whole look. Rather than giving up your favorite lattes for a week every time you want polished nails, click through for nine amazing ideas you haven't tried yet that'll make them last way longer.

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Digital Beauty Editor

It's not a big secret that everyone at Lucky is really, really into manicures—and I'm no exception. Whether I'm doing my nails myself or getting them spiffed up at my favorite salon, I'm always excited to try one of the season's fun, bright nail polish colors. However, there's nothing that ruins my mani mojo more than getting a chip or a nick on my fresh new coat of polish just a couple hours after application.

Luckily, I've learned that you can extend the life of your nail polish with a few creative tricks that can be done before, during and after your next mani. We had some industry experts reveal their best tips to making your next mani last—and after putting them to the test, they've certainly amped up my nail game for good! Click through above to snag their genius ideas.

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