Executive Beauty Director

Drinking algae tea sounds like the very bottom of the barrel in hippie un-fun-ness. But instead it is the epitome of wild glamour and utter deliciousness! The algae aspect is only enough to make you feel faintly, slimmingly spa-ish; it’s mixed with green tea and mint in absolutely perfect proportion. No single element dominates; all contribute.

I sip it and I feel like a French person with secrets. Green tea, as we know, could not be more health- or attractiveness-enhancing (even life-extending, studies seem to say). Algae—French algae, coast-of-Brittany algae particularly—has been renowned for its glow-inducing properties for centuries.

The exquisite Kusmi turquoise packaging is no small draw for me, either: It feels like a treat. So much so that I have managed to replace my second huge-coffee-of-the-day with algae tea, a triumph of civility if there ever was one.

Kusmi Tea Algotea, $16 for 20 muslin tea bags, us.kusmitea.com

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