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Celeb manicurist Jin Soon Choi's tulip-inspired manicure is easy enough to DIY. Just in time for Mother's Day perhaps? Click through for a step-by-step tutorial.
First, file and shape your nails into a natural square with slightly rounded edges to match a tulip's shape. Apply a strengthening base coat like JINsoon Power Coat to prime the nails.
Apply JINsoon Dolly Pink, a go-to pastel spring shade, on the entire nail bed.
With a thin brush, create the tulip petals with JINsoon Cherry Berry. Starting at the cuticle area, draw a straight line down towards the tip of the nail, curving left three-fourths of the way down to create an arch and then fill in the shape. Repeat on the right side of the same nail to create a mirroring shape.
Apply a high gloss top coat like JINsoon Top Gloss for a shiny finish that will last for days!
In five easy steps, you've created a unique and fresh nail art look perfect for Mother's Day!