21 Under-The-Radar Products Shen Beauty's Jessica Richards Is Loving Right Now

Click through to shop Shen Beauty owner Jessica Richards' obsessions, both new and old.

William Heuberger

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Executive Beauty Director

For the truly new, the cultest of the cult brands, Jessica Richards’ Shen Beauty is the ultimate. The only spot with newer? Her bathroom counter.

Her store has to be the most glamorous mash-up ever: Equal parts Laguna surfer, Brooklyn cool, London sophistication and organic wholesomeness, Shen Beauty is where you (and people like Michelle Williams, Jessica Stam and Norah Jones) go when you want to buy something you haven’t heard of yet. But before it’s there, it’s in Jessica Richards’ shower or medicine cabinet. "We test everything," says Shen’s glowy-skinned, flaxen-haired, product-obsessed proprietress. "If it’s in the store, we love it." So her Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, bathroom is crammed with obsessions, new and old. "This," she says, holding up an Amanda Lacey cleanser, "is insane, seriously."

Anything that gets the "insane" distinction tends to be organic, exclusive and gorgeous. There’s a Lavender Hill bath soak from British brand Soapsmith (she met her British business partner backstage at a Jay Z concert), Elta MD sunscreen, seasonal face oils from de Mamiel and something called Lanolips: "Just got it in—so good. It’s tinted and so moisturizing … I know! It’s hopeless!"

Click through above for a peek into Richards' skincare-stocked medicine cabinet!

Shen Beauty is located at 315 Court Street in Brooklyn.

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