How To Create The Perfect Summer Lip

Model Helene (left) shows off Violette’s (right) handiwork. Click through to learn how she created the brilliant summer look!

David Schulze

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We’re in the studio with photographer David Schulze, reviewing clothes and lighting, when in breezes a woman we all, for an instant, take to be one of the models: long legs, long hair, glowy skin, flashing eyes. Instead, it’s Dior makeup phenom Violette, whose makeup style is so signature that one name is truly all anyone ever needs to know. Today, inspired by the tangerine and blush-pink Dior dress at right, she’s excited about lips. "Summer is a great time for color, to really have fun and play," she says, smoothing the orange and pink satin before model Helene slips it on. Violette pours a pile of lipsticks and pencils out onto the table and holds each up to the light, up to the dress, considering.

Then she goes to work, smoothing moisturizer over the model’s skin. "Skin is where you have to focus, especially if you’re thinking of a bright lip," she says. Dior’s Diorskin BB Creme comes next: "This you can put everywhere—it’s perfect. Then a little concealer, only where you need it."

She leaves off mascara, liner—anything eye. "I like one or the other," she says, "lip or eye." A bit of blush called My Rose and she’s ready for the lip—except for a spritz of Caudalie Beauty Elixir moisturizing spray. "It blends makeup perfectly—it makes whatever you’ve put on your own."

Violette covers the lips with purplish pencil—Dior’s Prune Troublant—first. She pauses, then dabs on hot pink gloss. "The pink takes a little blue out of the purple,” she explains, adding bright coral. "The orange makes it pop, and maybe you finish with a little more pink," she says. "The layers add dimension to your lips—they make it special. It’s like building an outfit," she observes. "Think of it like that—like dressing your lips."

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