You're Going To Want To Follow Cindy Crawford's Mind-Blowingly Simple Beauty Advice

Associate Beauty Producer

Cindy Crawford is nearly 50 years old and boy does she look good. We know one of her secrets to staying so youthful is her skincare line, Meaningful Beauty, but if you ask her, she'll tell you that beauty is not just about what you put on your skin.

At a party earlier this week celebrating a new launch from the brand, the supermodel told us that the most valuable beauty tip she's ever received is to "pick a weight that you can maintain, and stay there."

The advice was from Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, the anti-aging specialist who formulates the Meaningful Beauty products. "He said, 'constantly losing and gaining weight is not good for the skin—the elastin can't handle it.'"

Even legendary photographer Richard Avedon advised her to maintain a healthy weight. "When I got divorced from my first husband I got really thin," said Crawford. "[Richard Avedon] told me, 'you look better with a little weight on you.'"

"I try not to be tempted to lose that extra five pounds. I could do it, but I know eventually it would just come back. This is the weight that my body wants me to be." Preach, girl!

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