A Cute And Easy New Way To Use Bobby Pins

While we love a fancy hair accessory, lately we’ve been inspired by the different ways celebs have been getting creative with using simple, run-of-the-mill bobby pins. The best part about the look is that you probably already have a ton of them already laying around your house—and for the playful style pictured above, you only need three.

To recreate this half-up look at home, pull back small sections of hair on both sides of your head and secure each with a bobby pin by sliding it upwards on a diagonal. Then, horizontally place the last bobby pin where the two sections meet to complete the triangle shape. The more the bobby pins contrast with the color of your hair, the cooler it looks—try it with neon pink bobbies or go for multicolored pins.

Pro tip: Use the wavy, textured side of the bobby pin closer to the scalp—as opposed to the straight side the way most of us do! For even better hold, spritz each bobby pin with hairspray before sliding it in.

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